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Image by Philipp Torres


From time to time reptiles, amphibians and spiders hide themselves away in items being shipped to the UK, or hide themselves stowed away in luggage of people who have been travelling abroad only to make an appearance when they arrive home. 

The NCRW provides an identification service for animals when they have been found, advice and guidance on safe isolation and containment and will arrange transportation of the animal to either the NCRW or to another suitable rescue or organisation depending on the anima. 

Any endangered species found are taken to a suitable zoo, wildlife centre or specialist organisation to keep them as safe as possible. 

The NCRW do not advertise where animals have been found, nor will they post locations or details of those who have found them on social media or in any form of public media. All reports are recorded and data collected. 

Where do stowaways come from?

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