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Please use the contact us form to tell us which service you would like more information about. 


Advice for Local/National Authorities

Advice for Pet Retailers

Training and Advice for Vets, Veterinary Nurses, Pet Shop Staff and Animal Rescue Staff including how to handle reptiles safely, how to look out for signs of ill health and disease, identifying common reptile pets and how to sex reptiles. We also provide a back up service where we will take video calls or photographs to assist with identification and sexing. 

The NCRW offer a retrieval service for many locations.

The NCRW run training courses at the centre which can be tailored if necessary

Join us for Keeper, Snake and Lizard Experiences

The NCRW are able to arrange School Visits and School Workshops. 

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Services provided by the NCRW

The NCRW is able to provide specialist services, please see below for the service that you need. 

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