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New Bulletin in response to media coverage of Aldabra Tortoises found in woodland near Exeter

You may have seen recent news articles or reports regarding 7 Giant Aldabra Tortoises that were found in woodland near Exeter. There have been many discussions and the spread of some misinformation regarding this species. As part of our job is education, the NCRW has decided to clear the air on some of these misconceptions, as well as provide some more information about this unique species of giant tortoise. 

To read the bulletin please click here

Image by Dušan veverkolog

New Bulletin in response to media coverage of escaped snakes

You may have seen recent news articles or reports regarding escaped snakes in the UK. Like any pets, sometimes, sadly, reptiles can escape. This could be due to faulty locks, poorly fitted vents or a lapse in concentration from the owner. 

Our Data Officer has compiled some useful information regarding Exotic Snakes found in the wild in the UK with some helpful advice on how to reduce the risk of your much loved pet escaping. 

To read the bulletin please click here

Figure 05.jpg

Non-Native Rescue Service by the NCRW now easier to use than ever

The NCRW have streamline and improved their Non-Native Rescue Service, where you are able to report online, get your stowaway or rescue identified by video or photograph, arrange rescue or stowaway collection so they can be brought to the centre and ensure that restricted or critically endangered species are rehomed to the correctly licenced organisation.  Find out more here. 

Lost Snake Returned to Family 

Midnight finds his way home after a year of being lost

Poor Midnight the Mexican Black King Snake managed to slip away from his owner whilst they were clearing his enclosure. They were so upset and after spending a long time looking for him they didn't think they would ever see him again, that was until they happened to be watching the news and saw that someone had found a black snake near to where they live. They got on the phone straight away and after a long chat and some exchanges of pictures it was obvious that the found snake belonged to them. We arranged to collect the snake from the lovely person who had been taking care of her and took her back to her family who were so pleased to see here. In fact we have never seen a whole family so pleased to see their pet returned. 


Other News

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2018

The National Centre for Reptile Welfare will produce an annual report that details the work the centre has done in the preceding twelve months. This will include full details of all the animals that enter the centre and are re-homed, including details of any animals euthanised and why. 

Turtle Tally

Hadlow College, a Kent-based provider of further and University-level education for the rural sector, will be launching a citizen science project in 2019 to collect data from the general public on introduced turtle and terrapin species in the UK.

Image by Vitya Lapatey

First Of Its Kind Welfare Facility For Reptiles Opens In England

Image by David Clode

Eight Foot Python that strangled owner to death secretly re-housed

Grief-Stricken mum saves snake that strangled her son to death claiming he 'would not have wanted python put down'

Image by David Clode
Image by David Clode

National Centre for Reptile Welfare will open mid-2017

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