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Non-Native Rescue

The NCRW provides a Non-Native Rescue service for reptiles found in the UK.  Whether its a Non-Native species found in an unusual place such as a Slider Turtle or Tortoise, or a Stowaway found in holiday luggage or an item you have purchased, we are able to assist with identification, guidance on how to safely isolate the animal and arrange collection to bring it to the rescue centre or to another rescue location in the UK. 


We offer the following services:

  • Identification of the animal via video or photograph

  • Advice on how to safely isolate and keep the animal until collection is arranged

  • Arrange collection and transportation of the animal to the NCRW or another rescue location

  • Return of the animal if the owner has been looking for them, or re-homing if the animal owner can not be found. 

  • Safe re-homing of any animal that is not on the endangered species list

  • Rare and endangered species rehomed to zoos, wildlife centres or similar to ensure their safe and correct keeping. 

All calls and referrals are strictly confidential, we do not identify locations animals have been found or their finders on social media or any public platforms. 

Anonymous reports of animals found, collected, returned and rehomed are kept for statistic purposes only. 

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