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Before deciding which animal is suitable for you please ensure you have read the information below. 


Animal Adoption Fees

Fees start at £35 for a Category A Animal, and may vary depending on the needs of the animal, the equipment they come with and delivery fees. 






Introductory Animals – these animals are suitable for those just starting out on their herpetology journey, or for those who would prefer an animal that is a little easier to care for and handle. Many of these animals are more ‘family friendly’.

Intermediate Animals – these animals are suitable for those who have a little experience and are ready to take the next step. Their care can be a little more complex, but not significantly challenging.

Experienced Keeper Animals – these animals are more suited to someone who already has experience and knowledge; they often have more complex needs, can be more difficult to handle or need a much more specialist set up.

Specialist Animals – these animals are only suitable for those who understand their complex needs and are prepared to dedicate a lot of time to their welfare. They may need complicated or very large set ups and are for those that are truly dedicated to the care of the animal.


Why rehome instead of buy?

All or our animals have either been rescued or surrendered to the centre. Due to the cost of living crisis and the increase in numbers of the people struggling with poor mental health we have seen a huge increase in animals arriving at the centre. We spend a few weeks ensuring the animal is healthy, and get to know their personalities before we put them up for adoption so we can ensure that the right animal goes to the most suitable new owner. 


Terms And Conditions For Adoption Of Any Animal

  • Do to the increasing numbers we are seeing of the following species, we will not rehome them to anyone who intends to breed them. 

    • Common Boas

    • Corn Snakes

    • Royal (Ball) Pythons

    • Bearded Dragons

  • Animals adopted from the centre must not be sold under any circumstances. If for any reason you are no longer able to care for the animal, we ask that you return it to the centre for rehoming. 

  • We will not allow anyone who is a first time keeper to adopt animals in Category C or D. This is to ensure the welfare needs of the animal are met. 

  • We will require proof of a suitable enclosure and set up for the animals you wish to adopt before you will be allowed to collect them. 

  • An animal can be reserved at the centre for a maximum of 2 weeks unless agreed otherwise. 


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