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Aims and objectives:

  • To improve public perception of reptiles and amphibians

  • To promote responsible pet ownership and exemplary animal welfare

  • To deliver education that is “inclusive for all”

  • To provide children and young people with the skills and knowledge to enable them to become responsible pet owners in the future.

  • To promote positive values regarding companion animals and the responsibility of pet care

  • To provide formal and informal education opportunities

  • To improve the welfare and health of companion animals through support for pet owners

The National Centre for Reptile Welfare (NCRW) is a joint initiative by the Pet Charity (TPC) and the Reptile and Exotic Pet Trade Association (REPTA) working in conjunction with Hadlow College. The Centre is located at the Hadlow College Tonbridge Campus, Kent and provides a centre of excellence to improve the lives of pet reptiles and amphibians in the UK.
The NCRW provides educational and research facilities, as well as providing a rehoming service for animals whose owners can no longer take care of them. Reptiles are incredibly long-lived pets, tortoises can live to 100+ and some snakes can reach 40 years, and inevitably some pets will outlive their owners and require rehoming. Other common reasons that reptiles need to be found new homes are:

Changing circumstances, such as moving home or relationship breakdown, owners becoming ill or elderly or change in financial status. The NCRW aims to help any owner who can no longer look after their pet reptile or amphibian and find it a suitable home for life.

The National Centre for Reptile Welfare helps owners who can no longer look after their pet with a route to secure their animals' future welfare. The Centre will not judge why someone can no longer keep their pet.

The NCRW recognises that owners’ personal circumstances change which may mean keeping their pet becomes impossible. The National Centre for Reptile Welfare offers responsible owners a place to bring their reptiles where they know they will get the proper care these specialised animals need.

We understand that giving up a pet is not an easy decision but sometimes the most responsible thing an owner can do for their animal is to admit that they are no longer able to give their reptile the care and attention it needs.

The Centre also accepts reptiles which need a licence under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act and illegally held animals to help owners who might otherwise be put off from surrendering their animals because they do not have the right paperwork.

The service is entirely confidential as we want to encourage owners who might otherwise be reluctant to hand over their pet because they are in breach of the law to do the right thing and, whilst we do not condone illegal behaviour, our primary concern is for the animals. The Centre offers the right place for owners to hand over these animals, knowing they will be safely cared for in the future.

All rescued reptiles are looked after by experienced Centre staff and Hadlow College students, offering them the chance to learn valuable husbandry and welfare lessons for these specialised animals.

The primary functions of the NCRW are education of public and pet owners and the rehoming of animals. The following policies and objectives apply to education and outreach activities.

The Centre also offers a wealth of education opportunities, for students, pet owners, pet shop staff and local authorities.

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