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The NCRW are able to offer multiple experiences, including snake and lizard handling experiences, Keeper For The Day Experiences, Phobia Therapy Sessions and animal care training for new owners. 

Experiences, courses and Phobia Therapy

Snake Experience


Do you have a love of snakes? Would you like to spend some time with one of our team who can introduce you to our snakes, talk about safe handling, husbandry and welfare, and introduce you to species you may not have met before. Find out more about feeding, care and health. 

Lizard Experience


Do you have a love for lizards? We can offer you a 2 hour session with one of our team where you can meat a variety of lizards, learn about the different breeds, find out more about welfare and husbandry and learn more about safe handling, feeding and care. 

Tortoise Experience


Do you love tortoises as much as we do? We can offer you a 2 hour experience in our Tortoise Sanctuary where you can learn about the difference species, care, handling, welfare and feeding. 

Keeper for the Day


If you are passionate about reptiles and would like to spend a day taking care of them, or if you think you would like a career in reptile care, then why not spend the day with a member of our team for the day, we can show you all elements of reptile care, welfare and husbandry. Learn all about what reptiles need to thrive, learn about the different species, temperaments, safe handling, how to look out for illness and feeding. Have your photo taken with some of your favourites. 

Animal Specific Training Session for New Owners


Are you just beginning your reptile keeping journey. If you are adopting for the first time, or are purchasing a reptile, we would be happy to spend some time with you teaching you all about your new animal, the environment they need, how to handle them safely, welfare and husbandry. This course is perfect for the whole family, so that everyone knows how to care for the new animal and give it the best life possible. 

Phobia Therapy


If you have a phobia of reptiles, we would be happy to spend time with you de-sensitising you to the animals you have a fear of. Knowledge and experience is sometimes key to beating a phobia, even if it is simply enough for you to be in the same house as the animal you are scared off so that family members can keep their much loved pets. 

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