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Tortoise Sanctuary

A safe place for long term boarding

If you are unable to take care of your Tortoise but are not ready to go down the rehoming route the NCRW may have just the thing you need. 

From 2023 the NCRW are able to offer places in our Tortoise Sanctuary for Mediterranean Tortoises. They can be boarded indefinitely, so that if family members ever want to take them home or if you want to visit them you can pop to the centre. 

The tortoises will be hibernated each year in safe and dry conditions, and will be health checked twice a year as well as having all year round monitoring. 

This service is available for a one off fee of £200, which will secure them a place to live out the rest of their life or until they are signed over by the owner for rehoming. 

We are only able to offer the sanctuary to Mediterranean Tortoises currently, but we are working on options for other breeds. We can however rehome all tortoises to loving families via our rehoming service. 

Image by Eirini Papadatou
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